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Our Return & Exchange Policy

If you’re unhappy with your play mat we offer full refunds on unopened and unused items (minus a return shipping/restocking fee per box shipped) within 30 days of purchase. 

Starting a return:

Please send the following information to our Customer Care team through our Contact Us page to start your return.

  • Enter email associated with order
  • Select "Request Refund or discount" for subject
  • in the "Message" field please enter your original order number (If you received the item as a gift, please provide the name and/or email address of the gift giver) and shipping address for the order

 How it works:

  • Contact us within 30 days of purchase.
  • Products must be unused. Play Mats must be returned in their original product packaging.
  • Customers are responsible for the return shipping cost. Return fee is applied per item for all Play Mats. 
  • Merchandise received damaged must be reported to our Customer Care team within 7 days of receiving the damaged item to be eligible for a replacement. If you received a damaged item please contact our customer care team to file a warranty claim here.
  • All sale items are final sale.
  • Refunds are credited back to the original form of payment. If it was a gift, it can be exchanged for a Little Landings E-Gift Card.

Request an exchange:

Want to exchange instead? No problem, please send the following information to our Customer Care team through our Contact Us page to start your exchange.

  • Email
  • Select "Other" for subject
  • in the "Message" field please enter the following
    1. Your original order number (If you received the item as a gift, please provide the name and/or email address of the gift giver)
    2. Shipping address for the order
    3. Product you would like exchanged for

      365 Day Warranty

      Little Landings prioritizes the quality and safety of our products for your home and children. We are pleased to provide a 365 day limited warranty on defective products. Read more about our Warranty Policy here.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 25 reviews
      So glad I found it!

      The playmat is gorgeous in person, looks exactly like a rug, you can’t even see where the pieces connect! I had been looking for a mat for my sons nursery and couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for for months until I found this one! So glad I did, it makes the room so pretty

      Kevin Garcia
      Great for many different uses.

      All I have to say is that this play mats could be used for different things and not just for baby's. The mats are easy to clean and so far they have been very durable that they have no lost its original quality. The mats are also easy to assemble and there are many different ways you can assemble it. Another positive thing about the mats is that they are easy to store when not being in used.

      Happy Family
      Love it

      This baby playmat looks very high quality and would look nice with any decoration style. It was easy to put together and very squishy.

      Jennette Lynn
      Perfect for play areas

      I have hard floors and wanted something to cushion the floor for playtime, these work perfectly for that. They are firm but soft enough that if baby falls he's perfectly safe. I also appreciated the nice patterns that it comes in an that I can change it's shape or buy another and make it even bigger.

      We are in love!!

      The quality of this product is amazing and it's so beautiful! It fits right in with the aesthetic for our home while also creating a safe surface for our baby!

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 22 reviews
      susanna persaud
      Best quality

      This is the best quality baby mat I've found ! Its geart size , thick rubber ,non skid ,it was easy to assemble and looks so nice !

      Jeff L.
      Nice Mats

      These baby play mats are similar in concept to the exercise or exercise equipment mats commonly seen: they are 2-foot squares that have interlocking edges with strips to provide a nice finish to exposed edges. Compared with those, these are similar, though thinner and with a softer surface texture; both are appropriate for mats to be used by babies: babies don't weigh a hundred pounds, so there's no point to using a thick mat for them, but better IMHO to use thinner ones that can be easier to store. They come with 12 edge pieces, which is 2 more than needed for a 2x3 square (4'x6') rectangular configuration, or 2 fewer than needed for a 1x6 rectangle. Note that there are 2 different edge piece "tooth" arrangements: if you have any trouble fitting an edge on, try a different piece.

      Mick R
      Easy to clean

      These are super cushiony and extremely easy to clean 10/10

      Brian Lera
      So cute!

      This is pretty cute and goes together super easy. You could also do a couple smaller squares rather than a big floor spot. It is easy to wipe to clean and doesnt take too much to put together. It looks great so it can match in any space, rather than looking like a kids room. I would recommend for any parents with littles.

      Top Quality

      The carefully crafted, interlocking foam play mats provide a safe, non-toxic surface for little ones to explore and play on. Designed with the wellbeing of babies, toddlers, and young children in mind, these soft, cushioned mats offer a protective and comfortable environment that encourages active movement and discovery. Thick and generously padded, the mats create a plush, supportive foundation that cushions against bumps and tumbles, giving parents peace of mind. The baby-safe, non-toxic materials ensure there are no harmful chemicals or substances, making these mats an ideal choice for the nursery, playroom, or anywhere a child will be spending time. Whether a baby is just beginning to roll and scoot, a toddler is practicing walking, or an energetic child is engaged in play, the versatile foam mats provide the soft, secure surface they need to safely explore and develop important motor skills. With their comfort, safety, and durability, these play mats are a must-have for creating an enriching space for little ones to thrive.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 14 reviews
      So happy with it!

      We purchased the 6x6 size for our small, square living room. It is PERFECT - at a glance it looks like a rug and I don’t notice the seams. I also love that every piece comes with two trim pieces so that any one could be a corner and I could pick the best ones instead of only being given 4 corner pieces (since some could be bent, etc).

      Natalie S
      Modern, Versatile and Easy

      This mat is better than I expected. I wasn’t sure if I should get the 4x6 or 6x6 and I’m glad I went with the bigger size because it’s SUPER easy to add or remove the squares for different sized spaces. The border strips attach to the edge nice and clean for however you configure it. I love the pattern and wish I could turn all my area rugs into these mats since they look sooo much better, are way easier to clean and obviously more comfortable. I find myself laying on the floor with my baby a lot more. These mats have even been durable enough to not show a scratch with dog paws clawing at them. So glad I purchased this!

      Zee Q
      Best Playmat!

      Love this play mat!! Perfect and soft on the floor and the pattern looks great with my home decor. Highly recommend!!!

      Cute neutral color

      Super cute, neutral play mat that is super easy to clean and super easy to assemble. I actually ordered a second one so that I could make it even bigger. It’s soft foam is dense But not too thick it’s perfect in our playroom

      Joanna S
      Worth buying for sure:)

      Great!!! Love it!